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Training for obtaining AML cat. B1.1 - B1.3 - B2

This training will allow you to obtain the Aircraft Maintenance License (AML).

Who does aircraft maintenance must be proficient and qualified. Who is authorised to certificate maintenance must have the appropriate licences and/or authorizations.

The Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML) is an official document that certify the obtainment of knowledge and experience qualifications required by the european regulation for the categories and subcategories indicated on the license.

To apply for an AML it is necessary to demonstrate the acquisition of Basic Knowledge and Basic Experience.

Basic Knowledge is demonstrated by passing Part-147 examinations of the respective basic modules of the AML licence to be obtained.

Basic Experience is obtained by doing practical activities by approved aeronautical operators and/or hangar.

The required years of experience can be reduced with the conditions defined in the regulation (EU) 1321/2014 at the point 66.A.30.

Every training branch offer different advantages:

  • Enroll for an online webinar with a qualified lecturer through the online learning platform my.flyon.aero and prepare for the relative Basic Module Part-147 exam
  • There’s an enrollment number requirement before starting the course


Online webinars will give you direct support from a qualified lecturer, together with the flexibility of online courses.

  • 2400 hours classroom course that includes all theoretical and practical basic modules required by Part-66 for the respective AML category.
  • Theoretical course done by FlyOn.Aero in Tortona. Practical element done by FlyOn.Aero workshops and/or affiliated Part-145.
  • Requires a minimum of enrollments


The full course for AML B1.1, B1.3 and B2 allows to reduce to 2 years (instead of 5) the Basic experience necessary to obtain the AML.

  • 940 hours training (380 theoretical and 560 practical) approved by the Authority as “skilled worker”.
  • Delivered by FlyOn.Aero classrooms and workshops and/or affiliated organizations.
  • Requires a minimum of enrollments.


Skilled Worker course for AML B1.1, B1.3 and B2 allows to reduce to 3 years (instead of 5) the Basic experience necessary to obtain the AML.

Learn more about the Skilled Worker Course.

  • 30 days access to my.flyon.aero courses platform and to the study material, so that you prepare to pass the Part-147 Exam of the relative Basic Module.
  • Book online available with audio or text only.
  • Including classroom refresh with an Instructor to review the studied topics.


Low costs and more flexibility. No minimum number of enrollments required.

What's the AML for?

Download the AML brochure to get a full overview about the license.