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147 AML Training

  • Book Online
  • Webinar Online
  • Classroom Courses
  • Skilled Worker courses
  • Practical Training
  • Examination
  • Assessment
  • Training on the Job
  • Type Examination

Regulation Training​

  • DOA & POA
  • CAMO
  • MOA 145
  • Part-66
  • MTO 147
  • Air Ops 965
  • Air Crew - ATO
  • Human Factors
  • Management System
  • Safety & Compliance

Management Training

  • Master "MAM"
  • Accountable Management
  • Airworthiness Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • ARS Manager
  • Risk Management
  • Project Management
  • AD - SB - AMP - ARC
  • Manual Management
  • Quality & Compliance

Specialized Training

  • Advanced Avionics System Design
  • Flight Instrument Design
  • Adv. Communication System Installation
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility - EMC
  • U.A.V. System Reliability
  • Failure Mode Analysis FMA

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Skilled Worker Integrated

The quickest path to obtain the Aviation Maintenance License (AML).

EASA 1321/2014 Training

Get proficiency in the new revisions of Regulation 1321/2014, including Part-CAO and Part-CAMO.

The right training for you

We will help you choose the training that best suits your needs, either if you are a student, a company, a maintenance organisation or simply in search of new career opportunities.

Online training​

With the online learning platform you get access to many FlyOn.Aero courses with more advantageous costs.

Study at your pace directly in your device, without time or place restrictions.


Professional certification

With every course you complete and every exam you pass, you will receive a certificate to demonstrate your acquired professional skills.

EASA Part-147 certificated exams will allow you to receive, when passed, the Certificate of Recognition (CoR) for the obtainment of the AML.

2020 Course catalog

Consolidated list of all available courses in FlyOn.Aero.

FlyOn.Aero is the aviation training center for technicians, pilots and managers.

Our goal is to make high quality professional training, accessible to everyone and compliant with the latest EASA regulation.



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Maintenance Training Organisation (MTO) Part-147

FlyOn.Aero possess the EASA Part-147 certificate number IT.147.0016, allowing Basic Training and Type Training courses delivery for the obtainment of the Aircraft Maintenance License (AML).

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Vast course list

  • Human Factors
  • Crew Resource Management​
  • EASA Regulation
  • Quality & Compliance Management
  • AML, Basic and Type courses
  • Specialized Avionics & MALE UAV
  • Safety & Security